Chania information

Welcome to Chania, The second largest city in Crete and capital of Chania prefecture. Located 60 km from Rethymnon and 145 from Heraklion. It occupies an area of ​​approximately 11 square kilometers and according to the 2001 census has 55.838 inhabitants population. There was a significant Minoan city believed to ancient Cydonia since historically and based on archaeological research proves that is built on the ruins of. Ancient Cydonia was a remarkable ancient city, built in prehistoric times by Kydon, son – according to the ancient Cretans – Mercury – in other Apollo – and nymph Akakalidas, daughter of Minos. Mentioned by Homer as one of the most important cities of Crete, while Kydonians considered prehellenic sex. The ancient writers consider Cydonia ”